Exhibition process
> Exhibition process

To acquire show brochure (enquire by call us or download on the line) and and learn show updates and informations;

·To fill out Space Reservation Form, signed or sealed and mail or fax it to the Organizer;

·The Organizer will check the applicant, and allocate the booth to the applicant according to the principle of "First Apply, First Pay, First Arrange";

·After two parties confirm the location of booth, the Organizer will deliver two copies of <Contract for Exhibition Space> to the applicant. The applicant is requested to sign and seal the contract and deliver one copy back to the Organizer;

·The exhibitor is requested to the participation fee according to the deadline set by <Contract for Exhibition Space>;

·The Organizer deliver an <Exhibitors' Manual> to the exhibitor;

·Submit all the forms in the <Exhibitors'Manual> on time;

·Consult the Organizer for booth construction, exhibits transportation, travel and all relevant regulations and services;

·Exhibitors move in for registration, construction and decoration;

·Exhibitors move out as per schedule.